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The European Association of young researchers on South Asia was born out of the observation of an institutional void concerning research on South Asia in Europe, and aims to provide a concrete and innovative answer to this. Indeed our objective, in the long term, is to become the privileged place for debates and exchanges between young European researchers on any topic related to this region. We want to give them opportunities to share their work with others and highlight it. In addition to the development of common in-depth knowledge, the association wishes to be the place of real cooperation and meeting of visions and experiences, convergent or not, for an enlightened reflection on what could be a European South Asian policy.

This blog will therefore be the plateform where we will host articles and publications produce our members, highlight our informational monitoring work and make it accessible to the greatest number. It represents also a way for us to communicate about our association, its objectives, projects, etc. Finally, it allows us to target an audience different from social networks and to have a more formal and framed public base for our work.

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